Vinyl Figure Toy Checklist for POP! Dorbz Nodniks App Reviews

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App keeps crashing

App keeps crashing

Needs to be updated

There is no destiny pops on there and the halo ones are dated it would be nice if they were updated overall do not recommend

Missing Some Collections!

This would defiantly not be my first choice for a Funko Pop collection guide. First off, this app dosen't have all categories! Agents of SHIELD and Daredevil both need to be added (along with more). Second, it's not the cleanest design. It's hard to navigate. I think it should tell me the value of my collection as well. This app NEEDS to be updated!

Old and complicated

Massively old and complicated to use.


This game won't even let me get into it it keeps crashing me out!! Lame!!

No Steven universe pops

I have a pearl pop and I went thru the categories and not even under animation

Nice but....

I like it but needs updated horribly. Out of date for collectors


It's out of date, and lacking quite a bit of figures. Don't waste your time.


It loaded for me but the way it's set up is near useless - and its woefully out of date. Don't even bother installing this if you're a collector.



App won't load....

The app won't load it starts and then it says updating details and then shuts down.

My opinion!

I think you should add a feature where you can look at the list before you add it to your checklist! I also think it should be updated often on your end because I have a few that I cannot find anywhere!!

Was so excited..

I was so excited when I found an app to make lists of my Funkos, except it's not updated at all.. I have tons of Funkos that aren't even listed. Please update.. Till then, 1 star and uninstalling.

It's alright.

I have a ton of pops and when I'm out shopping sometimes I forget which ones I already have. The app needs an update. I'd also like to make my own wish list on the app which I don't see as a possibility at the moment.

Great app

Good app helps to be able to keep up with the pops. Just letting you know they made more once upon a time pops and needs to be updated thank you!!


It won't load😢

Pop! Vinyl collector here

The UI is easy to use and would be a great tool for collectors if it were kept up to date. Funko is constantly releasing new Pop! Vinyls, as well as hard to find exclusives from stores and cons. The whole point of using an all like this is defeated by not keeping it up to date. Perhaps allow users to submit items not in the checklist? The good news is, it's an easy fix if the developer chooses to keep up with it.

Good app for basic collections

Good at finding older ones you might be missing but needs to be updated more regularly

Keeps crashing

Cannot even use

A quality start -- but missing product

As a collector of only the Pop! Vinyls by Funko I can only speak to that portion of the app. While the catalogs were very well done and listed many alternative Pops, the developer has completely missed "Pop! Television" in the collection list. Adding that in will get a 5* from me!

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